Pet Loss Poetry and Sympathy Cards
inspired by Winnie Rogers
Wire Hair Fox Terriers
Winnie, Beasley & Remy Rogers

Thank-you for visiting. We hope you come again.

Name:  Mel
My pet pug, Winston, has been gone for two months. My heart has been broken and very difficult to heal.
He was a loving friend for twelve years.

Name:  Rodney
Thank you for providing such a helpful way of sending a message of sympathy to someone who has lost a much loved pet.

Name:  Sharon
Thank you so much for creating this beautiful opportunity to express our condolences to beloved pet parents!

Name:  Reatha
So very beautiful....the sincerest expressions of love . The ache of truly loving a pet is forever but somehow it is a comfort as well. I am so grateful to have had the time with my dear dear Vachino. May God Bless us all and may He continue to place our sweet companions in our lives. Your site is wonderful and inspiring as well !

Name:  Maria

Name:  Annette
thanks for your site,a friend of mine had to put her cat down,i hope this helps her cope

Thank you so very, very much for creating this site! Having someplace to go to send sympathy cards to friends & family who have lost a beloved pet /family member is so nice! I know that when I send one of your cards to a grieving pet parent, they will appreciate not only the beauty of the card, but also the sentiments inside. May God continue to bring you much success!

Name:  Marcee
Thank you for creating this site. It is wonderful to know that I am not alone in the grief I feel whenever I lose a 'four-legged child.' So many people do not understand or think you should be used to it by now. They do not understand that every furry child is a unique soul we are privileged to know and grieve when they depart. Other people say 'that is why I do not have pets because I do not want to go through that pain.' Basically saying I am dumb for choosing to love an animal that will die before I do. I respond to that ignorant person with a smile and say 'The fifteen years we shared are worth every tear I will shed and the grief I will endure.' The poem Farewell Bridge captured almost exactly what we just experienced with Trinket my fifteen year old that just passed away 5/19/13. It comforted me to read your words...deepest condolences on the loss of your own furry children.

Name:  Kathleen
What a lovely site, thank you very much.

Name:  Rosann
Thank you, for your dedication and love that you have for all fur babies. Immanuel Kant once said ' you can judge the heart of a man/woman according to his/her love for animals'. Your wonderful website surely reflects your heart. Also Carol Crandell quotes 'you don't heal from the loss of a loved one because the time passes, you heal because of what you do with the time'. May God be with you now and always.

Name:  Linda Anderson
I was looking for the perfect card to send to a dear friend who lost her beloved cat Miss Elsie very early this morning, and I found it here. Thank you for your wonderful site. Miss Elsie's paw prints are indeed imprinted on our hearts forever.

Name:  Lynn
what a wonderful site. A real tribute to your beloved four legged babies. My friend lost her sweet girl today & your card was perfect to help her through this most difficult time. Thank You 10/5/12

Name:  Gary
Thank you for this beloved site for my dear friend had her pet pass away to pet heaven & searched endless sites & came across this heart felt site with heart touching phrases & very easy simple to used & will tell friends & family of this site in this time of need. Thank you once again!!

Name:  Katie
I saw the invitation to sign your book. I can barely see with all the tears. Your work is beautiful and heartfelt.
Thank you for doing what you do and sharing what you have.
You are a Gem and if only the world was made up of wonderful, caring people like would be perfect just like a pets love :)
Thank you,

Name:  Janis
Thank you for providing this site for sympathy cards for loss of pets. We have had and still continue to have smooth fox terriers but have lost 3 in previous years. Our neighbors just lost their pet and this site helped us to send them an ecard for their loss. Thank you

Name:  Debby
What a wonderful site! I love all the verses. Thank you so much for caring and sharing!!!

Name:  Colleen
My dear secretary Joy, had to put her doggy Peanut down, she love her animals like no other. I was at a loss for words and found your site, I've sent her a card, which I know she will appreciate. Thank you so much. Colleen

Name:  linda newby
hello my name is linda just wanted to let u know i loved your poems on the loss of a pet my neice jennifer just lost her dog cooper who was seven years old i sent her one of your ecards i know it will touch her heart just like it touched mine thank u so much sincerely linda newby

Name:  Meleana
Being a professional pet service, it is so wonderful to find this site with such heartfelt, touching cards. Thank you

Name: Gia's mommy
Thank you for sharing your beautiful poems. My beautiful Shih Tzu Gia collapsed, with no illness, on 1/10/2011. She was 11. We miss her so much and hurt so much.

Name: Eileen Cheetham
I feel so fortunate to have found this beautiful website. Thank you !

Name: Kirk
thank you for this real nice web page. I just sent one of your ecards to my friends who just lost there dog tigger. it is so nice to find a web page like this . thank you.

Name: Sherrie
I lost my precious JOSE to kidney disease on September 5,2010.My heart is still breaking and finding comfort to help with my grief just was not an option for me until I came upon your website. You are truely Blessed for providing the tools to comfort and console pet owners and their family and friends over the loss of a beloved pet. Thank You

Name: Daisy Moo
Thank you so much for this wonderful site.....It is so comforting to be able to send an e card to my dear friends who have just lost their beloved pet......God bless everyone who has lost a pet........

Name: Debbie & Wayne
Thanks for providing a pathway to share our grief and loss

Name: Carmen
Thank you to be able to get great poetry and sympathy cards for our love pet

Name: Judy
I just wanted to thank you for making this site, for people to send cards for those that have lost thier beloved pets, so many people do not understand pet loss, and it is almost the same type of grief that people experience over the loss of a child. the last two weeks three of my friends have lost beloved pets, that were family members, there are just no words that can help reduce the pain over the loss of thier beloved family member. I know , I have experienced it, to find your web site tonight helped me also to be able to find the words to say with the beautiful cards, poems and topping it off with music. Thank you for this place to come and find solace within..Judy and my dog Megan..a Boston Terrier

Name: Clover
One of my best friends just lost her fifteen year old dog and has been in tears all day. I sent a card from your website that I know will bring her comfort. Thank you so much...yours is the best website I've visited.

Name: Rich Vaughn
Yesterday 02/13/2010 My WHFT Arlo left for doggie heaven, He was my life for 15 yrs 3 months, I miss him so much, Everyone that ever met him always commented on his big smile and laughter, He was truly a devoted friend, I had him from the moment he was born and fell in love with him instantly, We shared our lives togather, our walks and he loved to ride in the car. Arlo loved his dish of vanilla ice cream. His last meal on earth was steak and bake potato. He would sleep next to me every night and would lay his head on my shoulder or chest and just look up at me with his bright eyes to say 'I Love You Daddy'. We had a very special bond, My vet said he never knew a dog that was so loved and that I gave him a quality of life that most dogs he has met didn't get. He doesn't know how much Mommies & Daddies of WHFT love their children.The tears flow and my heart aches, but I know he is in heaven being a puppy again.
Good Night My Son Arlo, Daddy Will Always Love You. Da! ddy Rich

Name: rose studdard
My best friend just lost his wire fox Arlo after 15 years of devotion and love. I'm so glad to find your website and the beautiful cards will bring comfort to him in this time of sorrow. He will understand your loss.

Name: Julie
I write with tears in my eyes, although we lost our little dog nearly five years ago when she was over 16, we still miss her but try and think of all the unconditional love and joy she gave us. Thank you so much for your beautiful webpage.

Name: Janel
I have been looking and looking for the right card and verse. Then I found your site. It truly is the best, I thank you so much for providing just the right and perfect card at a time like this.
Your the best!!!

Name: Dianne
I looked at several sites for pet loss cards before finding yours. Thank you for providing such wonderful e-cards! Your cards and verses are the best!

Name: Linda
What a lovely site.... a place for everyone that has lost a beloved furbaby to find a bit of peace and to know that others share the grief. Thank you for sharing your loss in such a way, that it helps others.

Name: Sue Corcoran
Thank you so much for providing me the chance to send a dear friend a lovely card via your site. The words in the verse i sent was so perfect for her little dog BOYCEY. I,m sure she will love it. Once again thank you.

Name: Naomi
Comment: My tears are flowing and like all people who have lost their loyal and loving best friend, I think this webpage is fantastic. I lost my 14.8 yr old beagle and miss him more than anything. I hope you are surrounded by memories and happy times now.

Name: Cindy
Comment: Your site is just the thing for aching hearts and souls. What a wonderful thing you've done here. I just lost my wonderful puppy friend after 18 years together in June of this year (2008). Our furry friends wrap themselves around our hearts like no others. Thanks for expressing what so many of us feel. God's Blessings

Name: Stacy
Comment: Your poems where very helpful I lost my furbaby on 08/01/08

Name: Daisy
Comment: Very helpful site. Thank's. Lost my Kimberly 4 days ago.

Name: Krystle
Comment: I just lost my scottish terrier mikey and my life is at a stand still, i dont know how to move on. How did you move on? I have never felt this much pain, how did you deal with it? Please help me.

Name: Sandrika
Comment: Nice page! I love so much dogs... and I losed 2 of them before... I remember how was so hard for me... and stil how I can remember them frecuently... yesterday my boyfriend´s dog passed to heaven´s pet. In memory of Rocky and my doggies Katy I and Katy II... my best friends! Ciao

Name: Suzanne
Comment: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your site. My sister lost her sweet, beautiful cat today. She was a part of our family, we will miss her dearly, and I think I found the right card to let my sister know it is alright to cry over her loss.. we all cried with her, some sliently. My grandaughter placed flowers on ' KITTY'S ' grave today, She will not only be in my sister's heart, but ' KITTY' will be in all of our hearts forever. Thank you again for your gift to all of us, that lets us show our love and support for other furry lovers...

Name: Boomer's Mom, Pat in Sandy Utah
Comment:  Oh what a Godsend this website is. Just yesterday I had to say goodbye for the last time to my beloved Boomie, a 14 yr old mini dauschund. I am unconsolable for the loss right now, but just reading your loving poetry makes me realize that it won't always be this way. There will be brighter days ahead. Thank you for the hope and love you are spreading so unselfishly. I will wipe my eyes now and know that he is not really gone from me, he's just not here. God Bless You for sharing and having the strength and love to do this site.

Name: Lynette
Comment:  What a lovely site you have. Thank you for designing such beautiful cards with beautiful music.

Name:  Deborah McFarlin
Comment:  My sister sent me a card from your site, it was beautiful.  Thank you Winnie, you know just how I feel.  We lost our 13 year old Maltese on the 17th of September and we miss him so.  But we will see him again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Name:  Tim
Comment:  We just lost our Wire Hair Fox Terrier yesterday.  He was only 10 and a half.   He was taken way too soon.  Though we also love and include a terrier mix and a husky in our family, there is now a huge space left in the pack that only our Flash was able to fill.  Thank you for the poems, they are very comforting.  Please say 'Hi' to Flashy for us.

Name:  Vicki Owens
Comment:  I was touched by Beasley's website.  We have a WFT that loves to escape the yard.  We will be extra careful to not to let that happen in Beasley's memory.  What a  beautiful tribute to your beloved puppy.

Name:  Sue
Comment:  What beautiful dogs-but the love they have been given is incredible.  My deepest condolences and thanks for giving us all the spirit to go on when we lose such a valuable member of our family.  God Bless and thanks so much for sharing with me.

Comment:  You are all so beautiful!  Winnie I know you had a good life with your guardian and I'm sure you are having a good time at Rainbows Bridge with all your new friends.  Maybe we'll meet there some day.

Name:  Pat
Comment:  Thank you for sharing your website.  Your poetry is a beautiful tribute to your beloved fur
baby.  Bless You.

First Name: Pat Leahy
Comment:  Thank you for sharing your website, your poetry is a beautiful tribute to your beloved fur
baby.  Bless you.

First Name:Martha
Comment:  Winnie, my mother's little pom is named Penny.  Say hello for us at rainbow bridge.

First Name:Ruby
Comment:  I am sorry with tears in my eyes, I forgot to sign love to you, Winnie.

First Name:Ruby
Comment:  Winne, what a beautiful home page.  I sent your mom a card today.  Say hello to my little pom Penny on rainbow bridge.

First Name:Brian
Comment:  Thanks so much for your support.  The poetry is beautiful.  And your kids are too!  God bless you, Brian

First Name:Shannon
Comment:Oh, the Wire Fox Terrier touches your heart so.  I lost my wire fox Peanuts, back at the end of Nov 2005 after 14 of the most wonderful years.  She was my guardian angel on earth & I still believe she watches over me.  Bless You!  Remy is too cute!

First Name:Scout & Kelly
Comment:  As I sit here, tears rolling down, I feel your pain & sorrow.  Our hearts go out to you as you grieve for the loss of your beloved Beasley.  What a beautiful tribute you have given to honor his life, that was taken all too very soon.

First Name:Jackie
Comment:These poems are beautiful.  I have sat here with my WFT at my feet with tears rolling down my face.  They are here for such a short time.

First Name:Lisa
Comment:  I feel so bad for your loss.  I too have a special pets at Rainbows Bridge. I'm sure they are all playing together now..And I know the feeling of losing them much too soon.  With My Deepest Sympathy.

First Name:Jane and Joy
Comment:  What a precious Wire boy.  I am deeply saddened by your tragic loss and can hardly see what I am writing due to the tears...Sending my deepest sympathy to you and all who knew this darling much loved Beasley.  Winnie and he are together at The Bridge...

First Name:Ellie
Comment:  God bless you for making his 2 years of life the best.... I will keep you all in my prayers.

First Name:Joan
Comment:  This is such a beautiful site.  Beasley is absolutely adorable.  I am so very sorry for your tragic loss of your sweet Beasley.  He was a very lucky boy to have a family as loving as you were to him.  God Bless you all, Joan & Danny (WFT)

First Name:Wayne
Comment:  My deepest sympathies on the passing of your pooch...Wayne Francis Xavier Brasco

First Name:Melissa & Mackie
Comment:  We are so saddened by the loss of your beloved Beasley.  We know that he is romping in heaven with Winnie and they both are looking down on you lovingly.  Take care, take time and know that there are prayers sent your way.  Melissa and Mackie

First Name:Melinda, Frieda & Tucker
Comment:  What a wonderful tribute and album for a special boy.  We are so sorry.  We have always hated and feared metal monsters, but we really hate them now. Bless his heart.  We will see him again in Heaven.

First Name:Virginia Mastondrea
Comment:  Dear Friends, What a beautiful, touching site.   I was moved to tears by the Beasley years.

First Name:Altha & Poppy
Comment:  With tears streaming down my cheeks, I weep with you for your beloved Beasley.   May you find consolation in your beautiful memories.  It was such a wonderful life he had with you.  With deepest sympathy, Altha Graham and Poppy

First Name:Karen & Kelly Rathje
Comment:  So very sorry to hear of your loss.  Please know that better days are ahead and that Beasley knew he was well loved.

First Name:Josh
Comment:A great tribute to a great dog!

First Name:Patti
Comment:  Thank you for sending me to this site.  I miss my dear jack russell terrier Citi so much it hurts.

First Name:Christi
Comment:  Winnie, You are such a beautiful boy.   I thank your mommy immensely for making this site so animal lovers who have lost their precious furbabies can visit.  Sweet Dreams little man.  You will now forever be in my prayers also.  Love, Christi Ward

First Name:shakur
Comment:  my mommy found great comfort in your words as i left to go to the rainbow bridge august 24th

First Name:Beasley
Comment:  You have a great mom,  Winnie!

First Name:Dana
Comment:  Thank you for making this site.  I love my dead pets.

First Name:Nathalie
Comment:  They will never know how to say THANK YOU. . Thank you for you people who love your little animals like you loved them..

First Name:Charlotte
Comment:I too lost my precious wft-willy last year.  I will always miss him.

First Name:Christina
Comment:  Yesterday my mother decided to have our favorite Buddy put to sleep.  He was almost 16 years old had alzheimers disease, blind and couldn't hear.  Please pray for our family, for we just lost a beloved member of our family.

First Name:Becky Argy
Comment:What a wonderful collection of poems that I can definitely relate to at this time.  Your collection has brought tears and comfort to me.  Thank you.

First Name:Judy
Comment:  your Winnie is precious.  Thank you for sharing him with us.  My Kotie is now over a year old, yet I still miss Scruffy, to the point of tears.  Kotie is his own little dog although he is all wire fox terrier, his personality is different from Scruff's.

First Name:Linda
Comment:  Tuffie has been gone now for four months. I am so depressed I love your poems, from Linda

First Name:Tigger's Mom
Comment:  I'm sorry to hear of your loss, we have to believe they are in a better place, even though it tears us up inside, they aren't in pain, they are just waiting for us now, that's all... Peace be with you, Tigger's Mom

First Name:Jackie
Comment:  I know exactly how you feel.  We lost our beloved WFT 2 weeks ago with cancer.  We loved him dearly.  This house is so empty- he was funny, smart, loving and always ready to play.  There is nothing like a wft.  They are a special breed.

First Name:Sylvia
Comment:Your poems are beautiful.  They fit with exactly how I felt about Gretchen.  I'm going to see if I can get her picture on the site also.

First Name:Suzanne
Comment:  What a tribute to Winnie!  Though your loss ran deep it released a beautiful talent within yourself.  How brave you were to share this and bare your open wound.  I am so happy you now have Beasley.  Winnie must be smiling and thinking that lucky little dog.

First Name:Mary
Comment:  I've visited this site a few times but never signed the guest book. I think it is a beautiful tribute to your beloved pet.  I lost my darling poodle Penny and I know how difficult it is to accept.

First Name:Vicki
Comment:  Beautiful poems.  They bring my little lost Obi closer to me.

First Name:Debbie Congdon
Comment:  Your poems truly touched my heart.  You have true talent and your poems spoke to me as no others have.  Thank you for having this wonderul website.

First Name:
Comment:  What a beautiful page and poem for your little boy, made me cry.  I have three old Wires myself and two of them have weak back legs too so I know how sad it is.  You did the right thing, now he's free and well on his legs again!

First Name:Colleen
Comment:Your love and care for dear companion Winnie is reflected so beautifully in his poem.  It brings not only his positive outlook into the hearts of the reader, but reflects on the loving care that let joy flourish in your home.  Thank you for the inspiring work.

First Name:Christ
Comment:  Thank you for this web site.

First Name:Rita
Comment:  Winnie must be a beautiful fur angel.  Thank you for sharing.

First Name:Cindy
Comment:  Thank you for sharing this wonderful site.  Cindy

First Name:Linda Crystal's Mom
Comment:  Thank you for the kind note.  It's comforting to know that I'm not alone in my grief over just a dog... I'm sure Winnie was very helpful in showing Crystal around Rainbows Bridge!

First Name:Linda
Comment:  I really appreciate the e-mail guiding me to your site.  Thanks for sharing with all of us that have lost our beloved friends.

First Name:Mary
Comment:  How wonderful of you to share your feelings with us.  I thought the day would come when I wouldn't cry for my Penny but it still isn't here.  Thank you for your lovely poems that I would write if I were so talented.

First Name:Annette
Comment:  such a beautiful poem.  It says it all.

First Name:Linda
Comment:  What a great site!!! I luv your poems, even though I'm teary eyed!!

First Name: Jennie
Comment:  Thank you for your wonderful words of comfort.  They help immensely.

First Name:Orval & Dianna Gould
Comment:  Thank you for sharing your poetry, and your feelings with us - and to help us through these hard times - and we pray for you and your loss as we know how these precious little furry pets can touch our hearts.

First Name:  Noah
Comment:  Thank you for the most beautiful poem you wrote at  You gave your beautiful winnie a dedication of love.  The Cozy Home poem made me cry but helped to comfort too.  Thank you for your life Winnie!

First Name: Sophie
Comment:  What a great web site.  I am truly honored to be given such an opportunity for visiting.

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